Al-Urooj Quran Academy Quran Teaching Academy is providing a course which can help you understand the Holy Quran even better. This is a Tafseer Quran course where our tutors explain you the Holy Quran in a very easy way.

What Is Tafseer?

  • Explanation of the Holy Quran
  • A way to have a better understanding of what is said in the Holy Quran
  • The translation of the Holy Quran in a language, one can easily understand

The Holy Quran is the complete code of life. It tells us about our responsibilities and duties that we are required to do in our lives in order to become a better human being and to enter paradise. It is the complete book of guidance.

Explanation of the Holy Quran

This is why we believe it is our duty to provide you with the best Islamic Tafseer there is. To benefit from the Holy Quran, we need to know what it is trying to tell us. The Holy Quran will give us a place in Paradise and will shower the blessings of Allah upon us. It is the right book for all the mankind and all the times to come.