Al-Urooj Quran Academy Searching for online Fiqah courses? Fiqah is Islamic jurisprudence and means knowledge about Islamic legal rulings based on deriving them from authentic sources. Our Fiqah lessons provide a simplified yet in-depth look into all matters of life. The course is specifically designed to cover the essentials that every Muslim child and adult should know.

Fiqah draws from four primary sources:

  • • The Quran
  • • Hadiths, or quotes of the Prophet
  • • Al-Ijmaa’, or scholarly consensus
  • • Qiyas, or drawing parallels between issues that have Al-Ijmaa’ and issues that do not have Al-Ijmaa’

How To Sign Up For Classes

Looking for a Hanafi Fiqah online course? Our Fiqah online class covers topics from the perspectives of all major schools of Fiqah: Hanafi, Maliki, Shaafi and Hanbali.  Our experienced, high-quality instructors will work with you at regular intervals to help you learn and practice Arabic, study the Quran and explore the elements of Fiqah..