AL-Urooj Quran Academy provides Islamic studies for kids where we provide them with the Islamic knowledge that they need to prosper in their lives. Our tutors provide the kids with the Islamic principles and believes that they need to be a better Muslim.

Our Online Classes for kids on the Islamic Studies are very Important

  • If the children are not taught anything at this early stage, then they might not be able to have an interest when they grow up. This is why, teaching the children while they are young is very important.
  • Children learn about their beloved Holy Prophet PBUH. It helps them know about their last messenger and their importance.
  • It is the duty of the adults to make sure their kids learn about their religion. To help you fulfill this task, we are here to provide you with the best services all around the world.

Our Online Classes for Kids

  • Brief history of Islam, how Islam spread during the early ages
  • Life of our Holy prophet PBUH
  • Hadith of Holy Prophet PBUH to guide the kids of what is wrong and what is wrong
  • Pillars of Islam
  • Article of faith

We have capable tutors that will help your child learn a lot. The teachings that will be provided will be authentic and genuine. We make sure we do not burden your child with everything in the online skype classes.